is a Removable eUICC solution​

with enhanced compatibility, heightened focus on your digital rights.


Enhanced Compatibility.

We’ve prepared a management solution for on every device, whether it’s the two leading mobile operating system platforms, those classic devices now relegated to memory, or personal computers, single-board computers, and open-source mobile platforms. All can benefit from the convenience brought by eUICC technology.

SIM Application for everyday usage on all mobiles
OMAPI for feature-rich APP management
PC/SC and AT interface for PC, SBC, and Wireless Dongle​

Unparalleled freedom.

Unlike our ‘RED’ and ‘GREEN’ counterparts, we prioritize returning all freedom and privacy back to the customer while meeting GSMA requirements.

Freedom of choice in management App
No cloud connection, pure offline operation
Abundant privacy options​

Open-Source Software

The source code of the management software is freely available for auditing or compiling on your own.

Customizable ARA-M

Only apps listed in ARA-M can access the smart card. We support a maximum of 5 apps for simultaneous management.

Capacity-based storage​

Like a USB drive, capacity-based limitations are far more reasonable than those based on quantity.

Virtual EID​

Worried about the EID of your card being tracked? You can assign any virtual value to protect it.

Access Lockdown​

Firewall for management interface – When you need It for any reason.

Compatibility Comparison Table

Still concerned about compatibility?

Browse the comparison table below to determine device support.

STK Menu


Also called “SIM Application”. Most devices are supported.

All UICC funcions
Profile Switch/Delete/Rename
Card status
Works on iOS/Windows Phone
Limited Download function



The recommended approach for newer Android devices.

All UICC funcions
Profile Switch/Delete/Rename
Card status
Profile Download/Discovery
Android 9 and above required



The Ultimate Choice for PC, SBCs and Open Source Hardware

All UICC funcions
Profile Switch/Delete/Rename
Card status
Profile Download/Discovery